Federico Luger (FL GALLERY) is pleased to present, during the Milan Art-week, the solo exhibition of the Croatian artist Igor Eškinja (b. Rijeka, 1975) Meditations on the horizon. For this event the artist will propose a dialogue between two different types of works that have the aim to make people reflect on the lack of the horizon in the contemporary society. Today we live in a planet that never stops, a planet which is in constant movement: society, electricity runs continuously 24 hours a day. A global economy that does not sleep, a horizon that is not there. The first group of works is a series of photographs from unpublished subjects, related to an installation composed of a group of light-boxes that resemble the shape of empty text balloons, caught in a vertical structure, just like a totem that becomes a monument to silence. With this proposal Igor Eškinja wants to create a new multi-cultural icon that reflects the spiritual and supernatural power of silence, a rare condition in a world that does not stop.