These new works are like fragments of mosaics made of nickel-plated brass hanging hooks. Acrylic painting sometimes reveals the surface of the wood, whose nodes and veins direct the compositions. The tablets are suspended inside openable cases that would allow interaction with the work. Hooks are used as modular mosaic tiles, and can also rotate. Onion peels are blocked by hooks and may change over time, as if they were marking the time of some constellation on golden micro-sundials. In this new series presented at Federico Luger (FL GALLERY) Bruna Esposito rediscovers the emblematic strength of the natural elements, very fragile but potentially very durable, whose custody is entrusted to the hands of others, who can open the case.
The author writes: “Usually the paintings sealed under glass have always appeared to me as inaccessible and frozen. I hope these cases will shorten the conventional distance between the work and the observer. I hope the gaze is collected and welcomed. “