Davvero, the fourth solo exhibition by Bruna Esposito at Federico Luger (FL GALLERY), curated by Dan Cameron, presents two sets of works, one new and the other drawing on topics and subject matters that the artist holds dear. The works interact with each other to create a kind of phenomenon. Fish eyes and bamboo brooms in a paranoid and ironic installation in which the multiple stirs in the eyes of the fish are immersed in a coral undergrowth of brooms. Bruna Esposito surprising “really” there: between layers of materials, we enter into an underwater universe, enigmatic and silent. Truly?! I’ve seen it with my own eyes… Bruna Esposito’s work stands out for the use of miscellaneous materials, often linked with everyday life and alchemy, poetically working on and involving many different levels of perception. Full recognition came in the form of a Golden Lion that she was jointly awarded together with four other female Italian artists for a non-existent national Pavilion entitled “dAPERTutto” curated by Harald Szeemann at the 1999 Venice Biennial.