Darren Almond

SPAZIO 22 is pleased to announce that for the first opening of the 2015/16 season it will host Gallery Alfonso Artiaco, from Naples.

The work of Darren Almond (1971, Wigan, UK) focuses on the topics of travel, of time, space and the transformation of the industrial world, through evocative reflections translated into painting, sculpture, photography, video and installations.

For his solo show at SPAZIO 22 Almond presents two wall sculptures and two large paintings on canvas, wherein the surface is divided into several panels, distributed on a grid, each of which contains half of a number. It gives the impression of being in front of the clocks of the old railway stations where the passage of time was marked by the noisy turn of the flip-flap display, in wich each half of a line contained half a number. The alienating effect derives from the fact that in the paintings not always the halves of the numbers coincide, creating impossible numeric alphabets.

The work Perfect Time, made up of six watches, implements the same concept of the canvases with the pieces of the watches that with every passing minute mark always unreal times, in an impossible running after of staggered numbers.

These works then refer to time and motion, not only in the abstract sense of numerical sequence but also in a sense of illusion, with the pictorial representation of the numbers that flows beyond the view.

The space / time ratio is dilated and catapulted into a dimension of not more regular intervals and therefore not measurable. As staggered chronometers in which the real time and that of memory overlap and slip irretrievably.