Federico Luger (FL GALLERY) was founded in 2005 in Milan by the Venezuelan gallerist Federico Luger. Since its opening, Federico Luger (FL GALLERY) has been promoting and presenting the works of young and established artists, developing unique and innovative projects with a special focus on Latin American artists. All of the exhibitions are especially designed for the spaces of the gallery. Federico Luger (FL GALLERY) has funded a great number of editorial projects such as “Bruna Esposito. Perle Rare”, “Igor Eškinja. Soft Cell”, “Gabriele Di Matteo’s Toute une vie, tous les éléments, tous les documents”, “Diango Hernandez: Diamonds & Stones and others”, Luca Pozzi. The Messengers of Gravity”. The gallery collaborates with important Museums and national and international Institutions. Among the most recent collaborations: MAXXI, Rome; Centro San Fedele, Milano; Palazzo Fortuny, Venice; Mart, Rovereto; MoMA, NY; Ludwig Museum, Budapest; Museo Ettore Fico, Torino. 

Due to the nomadic spirit of Federico Luger, the gallery has been changing its location several times, expanding its presence also in Venice (2013) with the curatorial project “The immigrants”.

In 2015, Federico Luger had united his forces with Giampaolo Abbondio Gallery to create a new meeting point for art dealers, artists, curators, collectors and art lovers, giving birth to a new artistic space – SPAZIO22. The project has developed collaborations with a wide range of international galleries (Galleria Continua, Galerie Iragui, Anthony Reynolds Gallery, Alfonso Artiaco, Meyer Riegger, Studio la Città, Pepe Cobo and others) and has given them an opportunity to present their concepts in Milan.
In 2020 Federico Luger (FL GALLERY) moved to via Aurelio Saffi, 6 in Milano, Italy.