Luca Pozzi

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Luca Pozzi is a visual artist, and cultural mediator, he conducts, within his own domain of reference, “The Messages of Gravity” programme aimed to extending the possible emerging interdisciplinary correspondences to a beautiful network of pure information. Drawing on the theoretical contributions expressed by researchers and artists indirectly involved in his projects, Luca Pozzi, by employing different media and new technolgies, comes to realize hybrid installations, characterized by an original use of the force of gravity. He focus his attention on physics, and in particolar way on T.O.E. (theory of everythings): String Theory, Loop Quantum Gravity and Geometry noncommutative. His last exhibition in May 2011 was part of Loops Congress in the main Campus of CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientìficas) in Madrid. In september is a director of Biennale Art-Science at C.A.B. (Centre d’Art Bastille) of Grenoble, during The Lyon Biennale resonance 2011. In 2010 was a gest of The Albert Einstein Institute of Golm (Berlin) and of La Faculté de Science de Luminy (Marseille) were he starts the “Quantum Gravity Caves archive”, consists of the mapping hands of researchers with a special UV led technology on phosphor painting. In 2009 he won the Dena Foundacion Résidency for Contemporary Art at the Centre International d’accueil et d’echanges des Récollets, Paris.

Amoung the exhibitions realized are U-Drawings, (Galleria Federico Luger, Milano); A.E.W.O.M. (Museo Marino Marini Firenze); M. Southern California-Italy 1995/2009, (Galleria Astuni, Pietrasanta); Focus on Contemporary Italian Art (Permanent Collection, MAMBO, Museum of Contemporary Art of Bologna); Arte Italiana del XXI sec. (Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, Milano); 2nd Moscow Biennale, (The Withe Hall, Moscow); Languages and Experimentations, (MART, Museum of Contemporary Art of Rovereto).